The highly skilled systems and software engineers at CSE, will design and implement applications to solve your mission/business needs.   We understand that time critical applications require efficient interfaces both within and between system components.

CSE core competencies revolve around five key areas: Software, Systems, and Database Engineering; Program and Technical Configuration Management; Systems Administration; Quality Assurance; and Advisory and Assistance Services.

Carefully designed graphical user interfaces are also important.   CSE will work with the user interfaces that provide the right mix of text-based and graphics-based displays with the minimum number of keystrokes.   We are committed to helping our customers define their requirements accurately, developing an executable project plan and then delivering the goods.

Multi-INT Targeting
Electronic Support Measures (ESM) Products Software Development Experience Integrating and Testing DoD Geolocation Applications

Mission Crew Stations

Program Management
Provide technical oversight and lead technical reviews

Engineering & Life-Cycle Support Responsibilities

Research and Development Activities